... takes care of your daily business at home and in the office


You have obligations, duties and tasks in your daily life which

  • you are not keen on doing yourself
  • occasionally stress or overburden you
  • remain unfinished - and will not go away by themselves
  • need to be taken care of while you are out of town

That is where I step in.


As a former personal assistant to CEOs, an organizational talent and self-employed for the last 20 years,

I can support you where there is a need; be it temporarily or on an ongoing basis, with services such as:


custom tailored office set-up/-organization correspondence phone calls contact or escort to authorities house- and office sitting (emptying the letter box, sorting mail, watering plants, taking care of urgent tasks etc.) accompanied travel for children and adults relocation-planning and -support • assistance during convalescence (home health care, cleaning, gardning etc. can all be organized).

Did I pique your curiosity?

Then do not hesitate to contact me. At the occasion of a first personal meeting we can evaluate what your needs are, in what way I can be of support to you - and most of all - determine if "the chemistry" fits as a basis for mutual trust.


I look forward to it . . .


Solution talk - creates solutions!